Multimedia & Manuals Delivery with AR 

For both industry and public entertainment and education -make a marker bring up some file you want to play.  

You run a museum, science center, art gallery, historical site.  Your users download free app on the way in, they aim their phone at the markers and see and hear what you want them to!  No need to loan out portable earphone units with a keypad they have to enter.

You have lots of pieces of equipment in your yard.  You want to bring up manuals, safety info, warranty info, etc.

Picture a virtual shoe-box you can add to objects.


What it can help you with...

Quick Manual Lookup

You just want a manual to appear, no menus.  You already have your electronic file, eg. PDF, now you can anchor it to something in the real world.


Video, audio, images, animations.


Use Cases

Document Storage

Pin your files to objects or places in the real world.

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Coming Soon

Media Attachment

Give your visitors a sci-fi experience! 

Here's finally a place for you to put the extra content for those visitors that want to know more.

Coming Soon

Hyperlinks in

Real World

Put your digital content somewhere other than a webpage.

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Coming Soon

Setting Up DataNOW

Using a Smartphone


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