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Asset-Management Overview

The 'TagTrack' system by ProductionAR is an augmented reality barcoding and logistics system, comprising a novel marker system and a cloud "ERP-lite" database. TagTrack is a low cost SaaS (Software as a Service) system for tracking assets through factories, warehouses, delivery, and deployment.

TagScan for Moving Companies

TagScan for Moving Companies

What it can help you with...

Protected Assets

Keep a "chain of custody", see the full history of who (or what facility) had an asset.Avoid theft and lost items.

Also useful for rental agencies,either your staff or the customers themselves can scan items in and out of.  In this case clients using the app can only see their own history.

Managed Check-Out

Aim your phone at the asset, sign it out if it's available, or see who has custody (in the internal enterprise case).  


Also helps with the hand-off, you can relinquish ownership with your app and the recipient can assume responsibility.  All documented, no paperwork! Also 


Use Cases

Equipment Tracking